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Why J.R. Peterman Associates

 Ultimately, a recruiting and search organization should be chosen based on your rapport with, and confidence in the search consultants. You should make that choice from among those who have a presence in and are well regarded by the industry they serve.We have forged long lasting and solid relationships with our clients and have worked effectively with large and small clients.We measure our success by the hundreds of millions of dollars our clients have earned as a direct result of the efforts of the management and professional staff we have placed with them. 

Our Philosophy

 We believe that our clients are the purpose of our recruiting and search work. We are part of the same team, working for the same goals.We take personal responsibility to ensure that all clients and potential clients receive a timely, efficient and courteous response to their recruiting and staffing needs.We take great pride in our recruiting and search efforts and, we pledge to always do that we believe is right for our clients.J. R. Peterman Associates subscribes to the Equal Opportunity Practices of the federal and state government. We will refer all qualified candidates without regard to race, color, national origin, sex, age, physical handicap or medical condition. 

Shorten Your Time To Hire

  We are well connected in the LIfe, accident and health insurance , travel assistance/insurance, specialty A&H, and student/college markets. We can lessen your time to hire for open positions and reduce the costs (measured in missed business opportunities, operational inefficiencies, and poor morale) for the most expensive employee in your organization- the one who is  not there.    

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